Who is leading it?

Dialogue Matters  is an award winning team with an international reputation.

We help people with different interests share knowledge, look for creative solutions, deliberate over ideas and negotiate the optimum way forward….all to benefit people, places, nature and livelihoods, over the long-term.

We don’t come into projects as top down experts on the topic. Instead we enable people to share their own knowledge and ideas, and we express the results in easy to read reports.

Who is funding this?

The project is funded by Staffordshire County CouncilNatural England and the RSPB.

When is it happening?

The project started in September 2016 and runs to September 2017.

What has happened so far?

The first deliberative group workshop was held on October 3rd October 2016

The project has gone through 2 rounds of wider engagement with online surveys and drop-in events.

The final workshop is on the 14th September 2017.

What will happen next?

All of these methods of consultation will be formally reported in ‘word for word’ documents – which will include everything that was said at each event. We will then produce a summary of findings – both of these documents will be made public, on this website  and circulated to everyone who participated.

From this engagement we will develop a short list of options based on all 3 consultation types that will then go into a second round of deliberation in 2017.

There will be another drop in event, another online survey and another deliberative group workshop in Summer 2017.

What kind of management is being considered?

Future management might include a mix of the following:

    - Grazing animals (horses, sheep or cows, and visible or invisible fencing or shepherded)

    - Spraying (with chemicals to stop bracken taking over: by hand, by ATV and boom or by air)

    - Mowing and baling

    - Cutting or bruising (to stop bracken and other woody plants from taking over)

    - Controlled burning

Each type of management has advantages and disadvantages for other kinds of nature and how people enjoy the area. That is why it is important to understand the bigger picture.

How can I have my say?

The consultation period has been completed, check the website for the word for word documents so that you can see what has been said.

How will what locals and stakeholders say be used?

What you say will be passed to a group of 45 people are being brought together to consider the best way forward. The group includes a balanced mix from interests such as recreation, nature, business, culture, history and landscapes. The group also includes members of the funding organisations who have legal responsibilities for the Chase. Together they are sharing ideas, exploring options and working to make recommendations, to the land managers in the funding organisations.

What about recreation?

The main focus of the discussion is land management, but recreation management is also crucial for the long term enjoyment of the area.  Any new information or suggestions about recreation management will not be lost but will be passed to land managers for consideration.