Phase 2 consultation

Background information

This is to find out what you think about proposed habitat management at Cannock Chase Country Park (including Brindley Heath, Moors Gorse and Furnace Coppice Field) and land near to and including Bevin’s Birches managed by the RSPB.
Management methods are:
  • Grazing: guidance, fencing and locations 
  • Controlled burning of heather
  • Selective felling and thinning of scrub and trees
  • Cutting/baling heather  and cutting/bruising bracken
  • Chemical stump treatment and spraying of bracken
Stakeholders discussed the pros and cons of each at a workshop last autumn and people also had their say at a drop-in event and on this website.  

The result was good support for each method but details to work out.  This consultation is to find out what you think.
The results will be given to the stakeholders at their next workshop in September to help them firm up recommendations to land managers.
There is a lot to think about and respond to, so you can chose to:
  • Give a quick response saying the extent to which you support each option
  • Go into more depth on one or other management method and provide comments
  • Skip bits that you are not interested in
Before answering the questions related to grazing, you may want to take a look at the Summary sheet found in the document library on the website.

You can use Ctrl + Scroll wheel to zoom in and out when looking at the maps in this consultation.

CLOSED: This survey has concluded.