Why register

Why do I need to register for the online survey?

With online surveys there are two options:

  • An open questionnaires: the pros being that more people respond but the cons are that the survey can be readily gamed and made meaningless. This happens when particular individuals do the survey repeatedly from different computers and swing the results to their views. The risk of this is highest when a survey is being done to inform a change in how things are done.
  • A questionnaire where you have to register: the pros are that the survey results are legitimate and result in good quality and usable data because no one can have unfair or undue influence. The cons are that registering creates barriers that mean some people don’t take part.

Given this survey is about exploring changes to habitat management, the second option is the best approach.

If I register to do a survey how will my information be used?

We will not pass your contact details onto anyone else but will use it to send you the findings of the survey you took part it and other updates as this project progresses.